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Graphic Design Services

Brand Identity and Logo

Your brand Identity and logo is important to think about before taking your first steps within the world of business. It is my job to help bring out the message of your company through the use of visual graphics and the design around your business's branding. Click the button down below to talk about the vision of your business.

Mocha Motive Mood Board

Stream Assets

Presentation and appearance is a very important when it comes to being in front of your audience. Whether you are a upcoming streamer or a tournament host, having sharp looking assets for your stream is a need. To get a quote for your next bundle of assets, click the button below for consultation and advice.

Ohayocon 2023 BRB

Social Media Graphics

It is always important to have a clean, neat format when it comes to spreading a message, news, or content for social media. Having a perfect balance between the pop and the message is the key to having the best looking social media post for whatever the occasion is. Press the button below to get your next set of graphics for your platform. 

Welcome Lex TOP Graphic
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